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"Endou Yuu" is a minor character in The Boy Who Fell. A notorious delinquent and classmate of Atsushi Ren, he is the last person to see Ren before he was dragged into hell.

While not a major player thus far in the webcomic, Yuu is prominently featured in noncanon comics and artwork by the author DED.

Appearance Edit

Endou Yuu is of medium height, has black hair with a fringe and greatly resembles his two brothers, Endou Haru and Endou Mamoru. He is often seen in his black gakuran.

Background Edit

Not much is known about Yuu's past but it has been confirmed by Star on tumblr [find the link] that his mother is dead and his father is a currently out of the picture. He was raised by his brothers and skipped school for a year, resulting in him repeating a year.

Personality Edit

Yuu is known for being a "delinquent type." From what we've seen of his personality in canon he is rude, a trouble-maker and rule breaker. In Springtime of Yuuth (SoY) he is depicted as being much more awkward though still very violent.

In The Boy Who Fell Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • His favorite dish is yakisoba with cheese.
  • Though not meeting face to face when Ren was 5 (<-- double check that) he was brought into the Endou household after becoming lost when his older brother Haru helped him. He was given one of Yuu's favorite shirts.
  • His full name is Yuuji.
  • In the non-canon mini series Springtime of Yuuth, Yuu is often used as comic relief as the story follows his mishaps concerning Ren and his crush for him.

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