"Firenze" is a solitary competitor in the Hell Tournament. A forest demon specializing in controlling plants, he is one of the foremost competitors, currently ranking seventh and showing potential for advancing even higher.

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Firenze is a forest demon, residing in a forest city in the Heranzola Western Region of Hell prior to entering the Hell Tournament[2]. He is an only child[3].

Firenze has joined the tournament as a solitary contestant. His motivations are unknown (to the reader), but he is excited to share them with any who will listen.

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Perceived as a know-it-all by some[4], Firenze likes to talk, whether he's sharing his knowledge[5], his motivations[6], or his opinions[7][8].

Firenze is a vegetarian by principle [7].

In The Boy Who Fell Edit

First appearing in Chapter 15, as Sorian illustrates the differences between first and second class daemons to Ren while the group waits to learn the Hell Tournament line up. Firenze quickly notices he he being spoken about by strangers, and does not appreciate it [9].

Not appearing again until Chapter 38, where Firenze inserts himself into Sorian and Ren's conversation, after eavesdropping[8]. Both he (rank 7) and the Pafhelo Team (rank10) have made it to the top 10 and are in transit to the next tournament host city, Puanttaca. Due to it's wealth, Firenze sees good opportunity to capitalize on their high tournament rankings.

Later, he eats with Ren, Gaou, and Elba at table 3 of the 'get-to-know' dinner party organized by the city hosts. He alienates Gaou during an argument about beast image in Hell. He and Elba seem to have met before and have a prickly, but friendly relationship. Demonstrating knowledge of the other competitors and their motivations, Firenze is interested in learning more about Ren. He is also excited to talk about himself and his goals. During dinner, he is disappointed by the main meat course, as he is a vegetarian.

Firenze has no interest in participating in the "mini-contest" offered by Puanttaca, as the prize is a human male. Nor is he interested in helpings others complete it[10].

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Demonstrated ability to quickly grow plants and use them to attack[7].

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