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(This article is about the Hell pictured in The Boy Who Fell. If you're looking for an article on the "real" hell, go to Wikipedia.[Note: Fix if needed and please add citations])

Hell is the most prominent location in The Boy Who Fell, and is where the main story takes place. The only other location in the story that isn't in some part of Hell is Earth, which was the primary location for Chapter 00: The Boy Who Fell. It is run solely by the souls of evil humans.

Upper Hell Edit

Not much is known about Upper Hell, except that according to Sorian, it is the hell that humans picture. Only 1st Class Demons("Pure" Demons) are allowed to work there. This is the layer that the souls of evil humans go to when they die.

Lower Hell Edit

Lower Hell is where the main story takes place. It has been shown that living humans may become trapped here if a demon brings them there. The exact method of this is not known yet, but Ren was pulled off the school rooftop by what looked like a black tentacle.

Hell Kitchen's Domain Edit

This is the "Lowest level of Hell" according to Hell Kitchen. Not much else is known about it, except that it is where Ren gave part of his soul, the memory of what he last ate, to Hell Kitchen in exchange for the ability to conjure up his Seel.

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