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"Ibias" is a character in The Boy Who Fell. As a member of the Neutral Council, the governing body that maintains balance between Heaven and Hell and oversees the Hell Tournament, Ibias serves as the energetic host and commentator of the event; whether or not this is the extent of his responsibilities, however, is still yet to be revealed.


Ibias' features include light skin and white swept back hair. He is consistently shown throughout the webcomic to be wearing a red visor with a white eye symbol on the front that changes its shape to represent his emotions. The author has revealed that, without the visor, Ibias has four blue eyes, black eyebrows and a symbol on his forehead (reminiscent of the Hell Kitchen with four wavy lines). In any case, he lacks horns or demon ears.[1]

Ibias' face as revealed by author.



In The Boy Who Fell[]

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  • He has a growing fanbase in Hell and is considered one of the most popular in the Tournament even though he is not a contestant.[3]