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"Every being possesses a Seel. It is the thing that allows our bodies to function, and our minds to generate thought"
-Sorian explains the Seel to Ren

"Seel" (pronounced "zĕll"[1]) is the life energy of all beings. Conjurers of Seel, whether by nature or through training, can manipulate it to produce superhuman abilities, such as

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Types of Seel Edit

While the physical manifestation (i.e. the color and quality) of a Seel varies greatly between individuals based on their personalities, it can be broadly categorized into 3 categories based on the "nature" of the individual's soul[2].

Dark Seel Edit

The nature of Dark Seel is a more inward manifestation. It is more implosive and consuming than its opposite, Light Seel. Known users of Dark Seel include

Grey Seel Edit

Grey Seel is a kind of latent Seel generally possessed by non-conjuring races, such as humans. Because individuals of these races are alive, they possess the life force of Seel, but it remains dormant, pure, and unused. Known users of Grey Seel include

Light Seel Edit

Light Seel, opposed to Dark Seel, is outwardly manifested and tends to be more explosive and violent. Known users of Light Seel include

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