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"Because we, the Pafhelo family, are the most powerful clan in all of Hell. And I'm travelling all over the world to make sure everyone's aware of that."
- Sorian Pafhelo

"Sorian Pafhelo" (known as "Sorian" or "Sorian the Ripper") is a competitor in the Hell Tournament with Team Pafhelo. Sorian claims to be a nomadic warrior on a quest to spread the glory of the Pafhelo name. Her participation in the Hell Tournament is ostensibly the result of a debt of gratitude she owes Atsushi Ren after the latter saved her life.

Appearance Edit

Sorian's only piece of clothing is a blue battle skirt around her waist with yellow lining, held with a brown belt that is tied behind her back with a red buckle, which in the tournament is later revealed that it's charmed to summon her older sister Celas for help in case Sorian's seel levels ever get dangerously low. Other than that, most of her body is wrapped in brown bandages, including arms, legs and neck. In her body they stop above her chest, and her hands and feet are left unwrapped. She wears no shoes and travels barefoot.

Sorian has blue eyes and long blonde hair is tied up in two ponytails with blue and yellow ties vaguely resembling cat ears.

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Personality Edit

In The Boy Who Fell Edit


Sorian first meets Atsushi Ren in the forest surrounding Hell's Administrative Bridge, where she was accidentally ensnared in a tree trap, contemplating "They weren't kidding when they said the Devil tends to overdo things". It is unknown why Sorian was in the forest. She reluctantly accepts Ren's offer of help, knowing that she will owe him a Pafhelian debt of gratitude but lacking any other options. She instructs him to find a special mark on the tree and ruin it without making skin contact with the roots.

Skills and Abilities Edit

Sorian Bomb

Sorian Messer Times Two

Sorian Neckbreaker

Sorian Chakram

Sorian Slam

Relationships Edit

Celas Pafhelo Edit

Celas first appeared in Chapter 35 and was revealed to be Sorian's older sister.

Trivia Edit

  • On multiple occasions, Sorian has displayed a distaste, even hatred, for demons.
    • In her first round match against Homas of Team Senn, she calls him "demon trash"[3]

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