"Spinne" is a solitary competitor in the Hell Tournament. While they were victorious in the first round, their current status in the Tournament is unknown.

On this character, the author has stated that they will use "they/them" pronouns[2]; furthermore, she has suggested that they will be a more sinister character.

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Spinne is pale skinned and has freckles around their nose. They wear a high collared cloak and wear metallic finger armour that resemble claws and the same kind of armour on their shoes. They have dots above their cheek and above their eyebrow mirrored on both side and when asked Star has said that it is makeup but later in a GIF response made them blink thus whether they are real eyes or not is undetermined.

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Atsushi Ren - Not much is known about why Spinne is so obsessed with Ren. They have been following Ren since chapter 5 and have made several appearances in the background since.[3]

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