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"The Boy Who Fell" is an action-fantasy-comedy webcomic by DED/Starfleetrambo.

History Edit

"The Boy Who Fell" originally debuted in 2009 as "Hell Kitchen" on the Smackjeeves webcomic hosting site[1]. In 2012, the comic was revamped and the first 4 chapters were redrawn in preparation for its MangaMagazine (later known as Inkblazers) debut[2], where it eventually became a Premium-tier webcomic. In 2014, it was announced that Inkblazers would shut down as a result of the creators' financial inability to continue supporting the site in its current format; it shut down officially on February 1, 2015[3]. "Hell Kitchen" moved briefly to Tapastic before moving on January 23, 2015 to the Hiveworks collective, rebranding as "The Boy Who Fell," where it operates its own domain. As of 2016, the comic updates Tuesdays and Fridays exclusively on its Hiveworks website.

Appearance and Style Edit

With the exception of the first two pages of Chapter 00 - The Boy Who Fell, "The Boy Who Fell" was a black-and-white comic for the first 28 chapters. The first full-color chapter was Chapter 29 - Sorian vs The Blood Demon. Black and white comedic sketches are occasionally included at the end of some chapters.

The comic notably resembles a Japanese manga both in terms of art style in general and in that it is read right-to-left. The author has stated that this format is easier for her to work with because she is left-handed.[4]

The comic also features seasonal special pages, including mock pages on April Fool's Days and Christmas greetings.

It distinctively uses a black background for the comic panels, as opposed to the more traditional white.

Recognition Edit

As "Hell Kitchen," the webcomic was the recipient of the Smackjeeves Golden Butler for "Best Banner" in 2010[5] and for "Best Black and White [Webcomic]" in 2011[6] .

"Hell Kitchen" also rose prominently on MangaMagazine/Inkblazers, quickly becoming a premium webcomic, an exclusive and paid tier reserved for high-quality comics with substantial fanbases.

The comic has its own page[7]

References Edit

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